Resource 9 & 10

Resource 9 & 10 Courses

X62100 – Resource 9


2 Cr., 2 Sem.

Prerequisite: None

The resource course is designed to support student success through the development of teacher-student and peer-to-peer relationships, individual goal-setting, and college and career exploration, while promoting student self-efficacy and empowerment. While at least 80% of the course time will be provided for students as a study hall, the resource period provides increased access to academic advising, enrichment or supports, mediation, and counseling services. Grade-specific activities will assist students in honing necessary skills.

Out–of–class time required: None

General Course Schedule:

  • Three days per week designated for study hall and individual student-led conferences
  • 1/2 day per week for college and career planning
  • 1/2 day per week for personal growth programming
  • Service-learning opportunity once per month

General Course Topics (may change based on student need):

  • College and Career Planning
  • Weekly progress monitoring through student-led conferences with Resource teacher
  • College and Career Guest Presenters
  • Cultural Awareness Education
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Education
  • Digital Citizenship Education

X62110 – Resource 10

*May take 2 Consecutive Semesters


0 Cr.,  1 Sem.


Prerequisite: None

This course is an optional study hall. This semester-long elective may be taken during either semester or both. There is no high school or dual credit associated with this course. Students who choose to take this course will have convenient access to tools such as Naviance, a college and career web tool, Khan Academy, a test prep tool, and special programming from our Student Services team.  Students who choose not to take Resource 10 will need to make arrangements with their counselor to gain access to these tools. This course is an extension of Resource 9. Resource 10 allows for unlimited study time, and students do not receive credit.

Out–of–class time required: None